Services 365 Global Ltd. Hongkong
services 365 global limited

We are offering you full service, starting with finding the right customer or supplier base for the products you request.
We can take care of the modelling and rendering the required product and locate a suitable production site for you.
We take care of quality control, inspection, invoicing, cargo and timeframes. Our manufacturing sources in mainland China are well experienced and coordinated by our competent team in Hong Kong. We provide full financial services including the financial planning for your purchase. For a better cash flow and payment terms, we offer you to trade with 365 Global or with one of our partners in EU or USA.
We are not a broker. Our goal is to minimize your risk in order to maximize your profit. We make business with China easy, simple and secure.
Additionally we are also buying selected excess inventory and overstock from manufacturers and traders with focus on the requested restrictions for re-marketing.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of inquiry.